'Shameless' Zach McGowan: 'Jody can be convinced of anything'

Zap2it: Your character on "Shameless," the dimwitted Jody, looks like a lot of fun to play. Is he?

Zach McGowan: He is very fun to play. And I know they say that bad guys are really fun to play, and actually they are a lot of fun to play, but a lot of times they can be very one-note. What I love about Jody is ... Jody can be convinced of anything, so there's nothing off the table, and that's what I think is really fun about it -- to play somebody who's not so sharp.

Zap2it: That has to be challenging, too, no?

Zach McGowan: Yes and no. I think every part presents its own challenges, and I think in all of us there lives the many different characters, and that's maybe one side of myself, a little bit. I don't know really how to put it into words,
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