Lifetime developing 'Cleopatra' mini-series

Lifetime developing 'Cleopatra' mini-series
Lifetime explored one version of Egyptian queen Cleopatra in their Elizabeth Taylor biopic, "Liz & Dick," starring Lindsay Lohan, in 2012. Now, though, they're taking on another version of the legendary pharaoh.

Deadline reports that Lifetime is developing a four-hour miniseries written by Robert Port of "Numbers" and produced by Michael Goldstein and Mike Larkin ("Scoundrels").

Cleopatra, the final pharaoh in ancient Egypt, was known for her extraordinary beauty and her tumultuous affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony of Rome.

According to historians, Cleopatra ultimately committed suicide, though her method remains unclear. Some say she died by encouraging a cobra to bite her, others that she drank poison or applied a toxic ointment.
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