Weta Digital’s Joe Letteri Talks The Hobbit and the Film’s Oscar-Nominated Visual Effects, Plus a New Featurette on Digitally Created Creatures & Landscapes

With all of the focus landing on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey's use of high frame rate/48fps, the rest of the production's stunning achievements in visual effects have been unfairly shunted to the sidelines.  Thankfully, four-time Oscar/BAFTA/Ves winner Joe Letteri recently spoke about the VFX behind the first film in Peter Jackson's new trilogy and we were invited to check out the presentation.  As both the visual effects supervisor on the films and the current Director of Weta Digital, Letteri pulled back the curtain on the unbelievable amount of work, creativity and expertise that goes into making a film like The Hobbit.  Hit the jump to watch a video featurette on the film's VFX, as well as a break down of Letteri's presentation with some incredibly cool behind-the-scenes information. Check out the featurette "VFX of The Hobbit: Fantastical Creatures & Lands of Epic Beauty & Darkness," followed by highlights from Letteri's presentation,
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