Meme: James Franco Has No Gag Reflex, DC Comics Responds To Orson Scott Card Controversy, and Daniel Radcliffe Is Only British From the Waist Up

In Spring Breakers, James Franco has a scene where he performs an impressive deep throat of two of his pistols. "Most people can't get past that gag reflex at the back of the throat. Guess I'm a natural."

Eleven myths about bisexuality dispelled at Ok Cupid.

This is the full text of President Obama's State of the Union address. He referenced "gay" explicitly once, and implicitly by talking about opportunities that shouldn't be defined by who we love.

The hunt for former Lapd officer Chris Dorner may be over, with a body believed to be Dorner pulled from the burnt wreckage of a cabin at Big Bear, after a lengthy shootout that began while I was at the gym at 4 Pm, and didn't end until 10Pm.

DC Comics has issued a statement to The Advocate about the hiring of anti-gay Orson Scott Card to write part of a digital Superman anthology,
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