Evangelion fanatics will find much to enjoy in Comic Tribute

Neon Genesis Evangelion Comic Tribute (2013)

Published by Dark Horse

For many people, the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion is sort of the holy grail of anime, the series that challenged the medium like no other have, before it or after, which routinely shocked and confused and engrossed fans across its 26 episodes and film tie-ins. In one light, it is a deconstruction of the mecha genre of anime and manga, full of moral and philosophical complexities and religious allegories and imagery. In another light, it is a painful and all-too-real drama depicting the daily horribleness and awkwardness of adolescence (and as if suffering adolescence wasn’t bad enough, these kids have to do while juggling lives as pilots of extremely dangerous weapons in an attempt to save the world). While occasionally comical and having fun with fanservice, Neon Genesis Evangelion is famous for being largely depressing and psychologically terrifying (see: End of
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