7 Awesome Film Franchises That Deserve A Great Next-Gen Game

The power of branding has become mightily important in video gaming. While new franchises launch successfully every now and again, there are more failures than successes when launching a new IP. Despite this, it’s rare and unfortunate that a video game adaption of a film, television show or book is any good.

The majority of summer blockbusters (last summers Battleship and The Amazing Spider-Man for example) usually have a video game tie-in and the odd television show (Prison Break, CSI, Game of Thrones) has had video game tie-ins released in the past. With the focus on brands that apparently equal good sales (which can definitely be said of original video game franchises like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto), it has not been as successful for film/TV tie-ins.

When you look at the long list of films/television shows/books that have been transferred

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