Amanda Seyfried Finds 'A Million Ways to Die' for Seth MacFarlane

Say what you will about "Family Guy," but creator Seth MacFarlane had a bona fide hit with his feature directorial debut Ted. That movie has made more than $500 million worldwide, more than enough to justify his second movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West. The project is a comedy western in the vein of Blazing Saddles, with MacFarlane taking the lead (as a human this time, instead of voicing an animated character) and Charlize Theron as a gun-toting teacher. Now THR reports that Lovelace star Amanda Seyfried is in talks to play MacFarlane's lover, who leaves him after he chickens out of a gunfight. Read on! After Seyfried's character leaves him, MacFarlane's farmer character meets the wife of a notorious outlaw (Theron) who teaches him to shoot so he can win his woman back, but he slowly falls for the wife in the process. It should be a
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