5 Great Film Candidates To Replace The Pope & 1 Terrible One

Now that Pope Benedict XVI has decided that being God’s chosen spokeman on Earth is no longer for him, the religious world will once more find itself locked in debate as to who will take over, with towers of white smoke on the edge of everyone’s minds in the coming weeks and months.

The early favourite right now is apparently Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson, but that won’t stop the speculation, so we’re weighing in with our own (unconventional) choices from the world of film for people who could take over as the next Pope.

Let’s be honest, Preacher would be the most entertaining possible Pope, but noone’s made a film for him yet, so the hands are tied on that one.

Here’s goes nothing…

5. Jericho Cane (End Of Days) – Arnold Schwarzenegger

A controversial place to start no doubt, but consider this: would
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