Berlin Review: Wonderful 'Gloria' An Inspired Feat Of Writing, Direction & Performance

Produced by rising Chilean force-to-be-reckoned-with Pablo Larraín ("Post Mortem," "No"), Sebastián Lelio's fourth feature, "Gloria," has proven one of our most pleasant Berlin Film Festival surprises. While films focusing on female protagonists have not been in short supply during this and previous Berlinales, many of them featuring strong central performances and a realist style, Santiago-set "Gloria" is marked out by two key differences that set it apart from, and above, many surface-similar films. Firstly, the rigor of the approach -- lead actress Paulina Garcia is not only in every scene, she's in every single shot. And having a divorced mother of grown-up children in her late 50s be the subject of such an obsessive approach is nothing short of transgressive in how it makes central the kind of character who is so often invisible, or at best relegated to background importance. And secondly, perhaps most...
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