'Walking Dead' Recap: Episode 3.09, 'The Suicide King'

by Kat Rosenfield

"The Walking Dead" was back in action last night, returning from its midseason break just in time to resolve some cliffhangers, shatter some psyches, and break the hearts of every dedicated 'shipper who was hoping we'd finally get to see Daryl and Carol give in to their passion and totally make out. (Oh, please, like you weren't.) But despite the lack of happy endings, it was still an auspicious beginning for the second half of a season that promises much more drama before it's all over. Here's what went down.

Spoilers Ahead.

And let's jump right in, 'cause you knew it was coming: with the Woodbury crowd demanding blood, the captive Dixon brothers are officially on for a two-man, family-style edition of "The Hunger Games". Where, despite a few punches and kicks, their loyalties still lie with each other. In fact, they even seem poised to try for a daring escape.
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