Collapse | Film review

For most of Collapse the grey, balding, mustachioed Michael Ruppert sits before the camera in his shirtsleeves, smokes continuously and, eyeballing us like the Ancient Mariner, talks a streak. His theme is the imminent collapse of our world, of how he's been predicting it in his newsletter and blog, and how the world's ruling classes (assisted by the CIA, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other familiar suspects) have concealed the news from us. Through our reliance on oil we've put ourselves in a position from which there is no exit, but his acute analysis is more persuasive than his somewhat vague suggestions of how the world might evolve, one of the more concrete being that you start growing food in your garden or acquire an allotment. Ruppert, the son of two former CIA employees, is a 60-year-old political science graduate of UCLA, a former officer in the Lapd until he
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