Take The St. Ives Naturally Joyful Challenge And Enter For A Chance To Win

In a world brimming with high-tech, overprocessed, and multimedia products and activities, it’s not always easy to experience life the simple, natural way. More often than not, we’re running on a treadmill facing a television instead of striding along the beach with the wind on our backs; indulging in an on-the-go fast food meal instead of sitting down to a fresh homemade salad; or using beauty products with components we can’t even pronounce while forgetting the power of natural ingredients like apricots and green tea that have been part of traditional medicine for thousands of years. That’s why St. Ives believes in skin care products that feel delicious on the skin and are naturally good for it. They’re proud to use what nature gave us to deliver products that soothe, heal, awaken, energize - and most importantly, work for all skin types. Get inspired by
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