Girls Recap: “One Man’s Trash”

First thing this morning, critics who had seen this Girls episode ahead of time were filling up my Twitter timeline about who would love it and who would hate it, and what about it should be loved or hated.  Most were split.  I was nervous.  Frankly, there's nothing about this episode that I should categorically like -- readers will note I have always disliked Hannah-centric storylines and episodes, which this season has (with a mere five episodes) already had in spades.  So the weirdest thing about "One Man's Trash," besides it being entirely about Hannah and Hannah co-opting Jessa's storyline from last week, is that I didn't hate it.  Hit the jump for my take on this likely polarizing episode. "One Man's Trash" felt a lot like deja-vu to me after last week's meltdown between Thomas-John and Jessa, except Hannah and Joshua's (Patrick Wilson) story happened much faster and much more quietly.
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