‘The Magnificent Swordsman’ collects from other classics to create its own special identity

The Magnificent Swordsman

Written by Ko Jui-Fen

Directed by Griffin Yueh Feng and Ching Gong

Hong Kong, 1968

At what point should movie watchers applaud a film which borrows heavily from other familiar sources for the quality of the filmmaking and when is it too apparent that said film is incapable of overcoming the fatal flaw that can be the lack of originality? It is a tricky question to say the least, one interested in the very slippery slope of homages, remakes, nods and the like in the realm of cinema. If one is being honest, there exists no singular answer encompassing all variations of circumstances under which directors, writers and producers are either playfully playing tribute to other material or rather unashamedly ripping off of it. Even in the latter category, provided the new film is of quality and possesses just enough of its own identity, does there still exist
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