Susan Sarandon: ping-pong queen

Ping-pong tables are popping up on every corner and there is no bigger advocate for the game than Hollywood star and radical Susan Sarandon. Lawrence Donegan faces her across the table

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The hardest thing about playing ping pong against Susan Sarandon is playing against Susan Sarandon. It's distracting to look across the table and see your defensive block being swiped at by a Hollywood icon, a woman who by the compartmentalised standards of modern celebrity life has "done it all" – actor, activist, lover, mother, model, feminist, fearless campaigner on behalf of the dispossessed, easy target for America's right-wing bullies.

Alas, Sarandon was marked absent when the gods handed out the gift of hand-eye co-ordination. It would be fair to say she misses as many shots as she hits. In her defence she is wearing a royal-blue trouser suit, high-collared white shirt and studded winklepickers,
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