Justified Season 4 Episode 5 'Kin' Review

"Hello, Raylan."

As soon as those words emerged from the dark room Raylan had just been tossed into, it was hard to hold back the excitement of knowing that 'Kin', the fifth episode of this season of Justified, was finally giving faithful viewers what they wanted; Raylan and Boyd sharing the screen. The wait was assuredly worth it.

That's not to say that everything leading up to the reunion of Harlan County's two favorite sons has been nothing but wheel turning waiting to get here. In fact, it's downright commendable that the writers took their time building these characters' season arcs and finding an organic way for the pair to come together. A lesser show would have had them together from the season opener and never looked back. Granted, that would still be one hell of a show, but there's a richness and restraint on display by taking a few
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