Our Favorite Final Guys

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Our Favorite Final Guys
Let me introduce you to the 'Final Guy'.

So we all pretty much know the basic slasher film tropes that earn a horror character the 'final girl' title, right? For those of you at the back who fell asleep during your last film theory lesson; it's pretty much as it sounds – the last character left after the dust, blood and all kinds of unspeakable carnage has finally settled. She's the one that demonstrates exceptional perseverance in the face of abject terror and most importantly, the one who subdues the maniac once and for all -or until the next sequel at least. This character just so happens to be a girl because that was the gender of choice for those wonderful folk who decided their main hero (or victim) when writing for this ostensibly male dominated genre.

How about we focus on someone a little more under-appreciated by the horror audiences and theorists – the 'final' guy.
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