How I Met Your Mother: It’s Robin Sparkles 4 Y’all! And It’s the Best One!

  • Boomtron
If there is one thing How I Met Your Mother has become good at in its eight years of broadcast history, it’s how to properly spread things out. “P.S. I Love You” is the fourth time Himym has ventured into the “Robin Sparkles” era of Robin’s past. Some might think this is dipping in to the well a little too often, but considering how stretched out these episodes are its becomes more acceptable. The last time we visited Robin Sparkles was back in Season 6’s “Glitter,” and thank goodness we’ve had a two-year gap in between. It gave us enough time to mostly forget what a letdown that episode was. In terms of quality, “P.S. I Love You” is more in line with Season 3’s “Sandcastles in the Sand,” which is a comparison worthy of the highest praise – though we did get a surprisingly enjoyable callback to
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