Oscar Movies on Logo: "District 9" and Tom Cruise with Fangs

Sharon Needles brings the spooky as host of Logo's movie feature, FEARce! But if you're expecting terrible low budget films on the order of Mystery Science Theater, guess again. Sharon's got the quality goods with a couple Oscar nominated films on tap.

Tonight's feature, District 9, was Oscar-nominated for best picture, editing, visual effects and adapted screenplay. The sci-fi apartheid parable features amazing special effects, an original plot and sick humor. Much like Sharon herself! It also has aliens that look like giant shrimp. Bring your own cocktail sauce, the alien crustaceans come out at 8:30pm E/P tonight on Logo!

Next Thursday is Valentine's Day and Sharon has something particularly spooky lined up... Tom Cruise with fangs and white pancake make-up! He's the vampire Lestat in Interview with a Vampire. And he's sorta gay in this movie. But gay for Brad Pitt, so it's okay. Interview was nominated
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