Arch-Rivals Han Solo and Boba Fett Get Their Own 'Star Wars' Spinoff Flicks

Yoda solo film rumors, misleading they may be, but uncovered the truth we have.

On the heels of Disney head honcho Bob Iger sensing the presence of "Star Wars" spinoff projects in the force, Entertainment Weekly has announced who the scripts by Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan will revolve around: young space pirate/scoundrel Han Solo, and ruthless bounty hunting clone Boba Fett.

By inserting "Attack of the Clones" co-star/Jango Fett actor Temeura Morrison's voice into "The Empire Strikes Back," George Lucas essentially handed Morrison the Boba gig on a silver platter, and the character's creator Joe Johnston of "Rocketeer" and "Captain America" fame has already stated years ago he would like to direct a Fett adventure. Original Boba actor Jeremy Bulloch would like a cameo please. So be it. Now the question is who will he run into… Darth Vader perhaps?

Not too many young thesps have the magnetism,
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