Christopher McQuarrie Still Undecided On Whether He Should Direct 'Mission: Impossible 5'; Should He Be?

It's probably safe to say that "Jack Reacher" didn't quite do the business that Paramount was hoping for. After Tom Cruise took "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" to nearly $700 million worldwide, we can't blame anyone for thinknig that the actor had rebounded from bad publicity and middling efforts like "Knight & Day." So he was put in the lead of "Jack Reacher," a potential franchise starter that will likely wind up with nearly $200 million worldwide. Profitable for sure, but with Asian audiences essentially deciding if the series lives or dies, it's not the outing everyone involved was hoping for. Which brings us to Christopher McQuarrie... The director admitted that following "The Way Of The Gun," he was in director's jail for basically the next decade or so, until Cruise (for whom he wrote "Valkyrie") essentially yanked him out. And Cruise has been his benefecator, not only getting...
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