Every Insane Moment from American Horror Story: Asylum in 60 Seconds

American Horror Story: Asylum has been amazingly twisted on so many levels. I've enjoyed this series, and now you can relive every insane twisted moment from the show in 60 seconds, thanks to this video from Antisocial Commentary (/Film), which also explores the themes of the series in a very entertaining manner. I can't wait to see what season 3 is going to bring us!

Defying the scales of good or bad in any tradional or moral sense, American Horror Story is a series that effortlessly coasts by on the strength of its sheer off-the-wall what-the-fuckery, generating suspense not through atmosphere or pacing or carefully calibrated moments of terror, but by defiantly challenging any preconceived notion about what the limits of storytelling should be.

As such, any level-headed attempt to critique it is probably missing the point, whatever the hell that point may be.

So instead, here’s a rapid-fire encapsulation of
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