"Once Upon A Time" Femslash Ships: Assessing the Fleet

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We're a little past the halfway point of Season 2 of Once Upon a Time, and as we finish up the second hiatus in recent times, I thought we should take a quick roll call of the main femslash ships this magical show has given us so far.

I have rated each ship's hotness on a scale of one to five ripped out hearts, picked my personal favorite moment the "couple" has shared, and took off my lesbian-colored glasses (aka my eyes) for a minute and tried to assess how plausible the ship was in terms of the actual scripted show (it was not fun, I don't suggest doing it).

Ship name: SleepingWarrior

I'll be honest: I shipped this from the moment Aurora laid her sleep-filled eyes on Mulan. I don't know why — Aurora wasn't even interesting for her first handful of episodes. But I'm glad I did,
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