Delia Smith: meet your new online food competition

The much-loved chef has announced a move from TV to the web, but does she know what she is up against – from online TV channels to smartphone apps and YouTube?

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So, no more Delia on TV – apart from repeats, one assumes. Smith has announced that she is giving up on TV because she doesn't like the need to provide "entertainment" through cookery programmes, and is instead launching the Delia Online Cookery School as part of her long-established website. But will her style – a solitary person standing in her kitchen, calmly demonstrating dishes step-by-step – be able to compete against the vast, diverse collection of online cooking videos? Here's what she's up against.

Made for TV

The dedicated food channels, such as the Good Food Channel in the UK and the Food Channel in the Us, are obviously a major source of
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