Justin Bieber: Listen To Your Mom & Win Back Selena Gomez

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Mother knows best, Justin! Pattie Mallette is right to encourage her son to win back Selena, as his new friends have taken him off the straight and narrow, and he is no longer the sweet kid he once was.

Justin Bieber, I have a message for you: listen to your mom Pattie Mallette! As previously reported by HollywoodLife.com, Pattie wants her son to reconcile with former girlfriend Selena Gomez, because she thinks Justin’s new friends are bringing him down the wrong path. And she is right! Justin: your mom loves you, she wants the best for you, so she would not encourage you to win back Selena if she didn’t think it was a good idea. And you were a better person when you were together! Read on to see why I think Justin should heed his mother’s advice.

Justin Bieber: Listen To Your Mom Pattie Mallette

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