The King’s Speech: A Rambling Essay on Stephen King

**Spoilers Herein For These Books/Movies**

Why do almost all Stephen King adaptations end up looking like the worst thing ever?

With an adaptation of King’s ace gargantuan book Under the Dome dropping from CBS, I figured it would be time for a little analysis on his work and why there always seems to be a roughshod translation between word and picture. And is there a more hotly debated body of work? This thought popped into my head as I began reading what may be his best work ever, The Stand. That book is a strongly plotted take on how the world ends, the thing of it is, the virus cultivated by the military gets all of the business going, it kicks it all into high gear, but the real reason the world stops is because of the human need to grow violence throughout the land. See, I read the uncut version,
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