Fred Williamson On 'Django,' Woody Strode, Sidney Poitier, Working w/ Spike Lee, Being 'The Hammer'

Aaah... an interview that I tried to get (for obvious reasons) but wasn't successful. But thankfully, someone who could, did get Fred Williamson to chat about everything from originating the "bad-ass slave" in The Legend of Nigger Charley, to Django Unchained (why he hasn't seen it, and doesn't plan on seeing it), to Spike Lee's reactions to it, and potentially working with him, to Woody Strode's and Sidney Poitier's on-screen presence during their day, to his own (Williamson's) film work in relation to the Civil Rights struggle, and more... New York Magazine's Vulture posted an interview with Williamson last night, which I got...
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