Exploitation Alley: Alligator!

Last week I decided to write about a more recent film, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, just to switch things up. This week, for E.A. #10, I thought it’d be cool to go back a while to 1980 and write about a movie that I grew up loving: the laughable but highly entertaining Alligator. So, get ready to flush your pet gators down the toilet and hope that they don’t end up mutated in the sewers, it’s Exploitation Alley time.

Other than creating the summer blockbuster event and terrifying audiences worldwide, one of the things that Steven Spielberg’s 1975 epic Jaws brought us was an endless barrage of clones. Whether it be 1977’s Orca, Joe Dante’s 1978 film Piranha, or in this case, Alligator, Jaws definitely brought us killer fish, reptiles, and everything in between. Written by John Sayles (who also wrote Piranha and The Howling and went on to direct films himself,
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