Robert Pattinson To Be Split From Kristen Stewart Even Longer In April For New Movie

Robert Pattinson to be split from Kristen Stewart even longer in April for new movie. As previously reported, Robert Pattinson is totally split up from his main chick Kristen Stewart at the moment,filming his new flick, "Rover," over in sunny Australia. Now, Hollywood Life has revealed that Rob's separation from Kristen won't end with that flick as he's scheduled to hit the trail,again,right after that to go film his new "Mission: Blacklist" movie in April 2013. It was previously reported that "Misson: Blacklist" might film in dangerous Iraq. However the studio ,Embarkment Films, shot down that rumor by stating, "It will not be Iraq, they start shooting in April." In the new flick, Rob will play a character named Eric Maddox,who was a real-life interrogator. Eric also wrote the book that the movie is based on. The movie will center around the capture of Saddam Hussein. Apparently,
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