B-Sides: Fear Is Here to Capture Your Soul

What do you get when producer Charles Band, writer David S. Goyer, and director Albert Pyun decide to do their own horror version of Tron? If you didn’t answer Arcade, then you clearly do not know your Full Movie catalogue.

1993’s Arcade starred grown-up A Christmas Story star Peter Billingsley, Full Moon cutie Megan Ward, and future “Robot Chicken” mastermind Seth Green as teens fighting for their mortal souls after being sucked into a sinister video game created by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” troublemaker John de Lancie.

I distinctly remember Arcade being regularly advertised during Video Zone segments at the end of numerous Full Moon releases of the time and being frustrated because its release was constantly being delayed, reportedly, due to dissatisfaction with the computer effects. I even more distinctly remember watching the movie when it finally came out and... Let’s just say I’ve always
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