Warm Bodies Director Jonathan Levine Talks Accessing The Zombie Mind

Making an adaptation of a book told in the first person is more than enough of a challenge, but as you can imagine that task is only made harder when the protagonist happens to be a zombie. Not only do you have to deal with widening perspective and creating a larger world, you also have to deal with the fact that from outward appearances the hero is a mumbling, stumbling, brainless bag of meat that spends every moment dreaming of devouring human flesh. This was the principal issue facing Jonathan Levine when he first came aboard to adapt Isaac Marion.s novel Warm Bodies - and an important element of the story I recently had the pleasure of discussing with the writer/director. Set in a world overtaken by the living dead, the movie centers on R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie leading a meaningless existence of boredom and hunger. But
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