'The Bachelor': Tierra's potty mouth rears its ugly head

On the next "Bachelor" episode, Sean whisks his beloveds off to the sweeping landscape known as ... Montana. Sure, sure, national parks and all that, but it sounds about as exciting as whisking them off to Iowa.

However, once there, the ladies are made to go all Grizzly Adams on the group date -- canoeing, sawing giant trees, milking goats. There's even a goat-milking contest that involves chugging the goat's milk. We bet that goes over like gangbusters with the ladies. Check out the clip above for a sneak peek at how adept the ladies are at canoeing.

Below, Tierra appears to be crashing the group date? Because she's pouting about being put on the two-on-one, of course. And below that, Tierra has it out with some of the girls:

"I don't care what people say, at the end of the day. This is petty s***. Yeah, do I have feelings for Sean?
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