"We've Lost The East Coast, China's Dark": New Super Bowl TV Spot For 'World War Z'

Over the next few days, some of the bigger movies of the year are going to be unveiling their wares in front of one of the biggest TV audiences on the calendar. Yep, Superbowl Sunday has arrived, and as ever, some high profile movies are going to be using the commercial breaks to show new footage. And one of them just snuck out early, as Paramount have unveiled their big game spot for summer blockbuster "World War Z" a full 72 hours before game time. And... there's not a lot of new footage here, to be honest. The trailer that landed a few months back is structurally and content-wise pretty close to the truncated 30-odd seconds we get here, although there's a slight hint of a traumatic-looking plane crash sequence that looks new to our eyes. In fairness, Paramount are at a disadvantage, because the rewritten, reshot third act of the
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