'Bates Motel' teaser previews Norman and Norma Bates' twisted relationship

A&E's premiere of the new "Psycho"-inspired thriller series "Bates Motel" is looming closer and closer and the network has unveiled a sleek new teaser to creep us out.

Stars Freddie Highmore (as Norman Bates) and Vera Farmiga (as Norma Bates) sit arm-in-arm on a bed in one of the infamous motel's rooms. Throbbing music plays as the camera gets closer and closer until Norma leans in and whispers "I love you, Norman" in her son's ear, prompting a menacing grin.

It perfectly captures the tone of the show's unpredictable and unsettling drama. If you want to see more, be sure to check out the show's full trailer. Expect much more to come before "Bates" premieres March 18 on A&E.
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