Bill Murray: five best moments

Here are some of our favourite scenes involving the world's most likable actor - what have we missed that you'd add to the list?

All right-thinking individuals love Bill Murray. From Caddyshack and Stripes through to Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom, he's been one of cinema's most consistently likable presences for more than 30 years, turning in terrific performances even in forgettable films. But if you had to pick just one scene, from one of his films, to illustrate his talents, what would it be?

Here are five of our favourites, including suggestions from @guardianfilm Twitter followers @michaelrobb87, @AlBritten, @ChrisBza, @EdKeates and @filipequintans. We've aimed for a mix of some well-known, some more obscure appearances – but what have we missed?

1. The dinner scene in What About Bob?

Murray plays a psychiatric patient with multiple phobias, who invites himself on holiday with his increasingly apoplectic therapist (Richard Dreyfus). This scene is
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