Kathleen Kennedy, Jj Abrams and Star Wars: Episode VII

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News Simon Brew Jan 31, 2013

How did the producer of Star Wars: Episode VII persuade Jj Abrams to sign up to direct?

The dust is settling a little now over the announcement that Jj Abrams has been confirmed as the director of the new Star Wars film. However, there's still a question over how Abrams was persuaded to do the film. As The Hollywood Reporter has uncovered, it was back in December that things started to fall into place.

Abrams was reportedly "flipping out" when the news landed that Lawrence Kasdan was on board for the new Star Wars movies, and he recalled that "the thing about any pre-existing franchise - I'd sort of done that. But when I met with Kathy, it was suddenly very tantalising".

Kennedy says that Abrams was still a little reticent, given his commitments to the Star Trek movies (of which he's committed to at least
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