'Psych' Season 7 premiere: Satchel Gizmo, Soupcan Flynn and 5 more things to look forward to

When we last left "Psych," Henry had been shot in the chest by his friend Jerry, one of the corrupt cops. Here are six things to look forward to in "Santabarbaratown 2, Lethal Weapon 5" when the gang returns for Season 7.

Crazy old-guy-lover Chelsea (Arden Myrin) is back, trolling the hospital for dates. Remember, she's taken a special shine to Shawn's dad. So that's a lot of fun for us (and Shawn). Not so much for Henry.Is Henry going to make it? Not if coroner Woody has anything to say about it. He keeps popping up with body bags.

The pseudonyms of the week are Shenaise (no last name) and Gurn Blanston, blow dart entrepreneurs from Seattle. Awesome."Satchel Gizmo" and "Soupcan Flynn" use what is maybe the worst disguise ever to sneak into a rifle range.Turns out Shawn thinks the "American Idol" judges should've used the save on Scott MacIntyre
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