Nocturna International Fantastic Film Festival Launching in Madrid this June 3-9

We're always on the lookout for cool sounding events to share, and today we got word on a new film festival starting up this June in Madrid: Nocturna International Fantastic Film Festival, which will be one of the biggest events related to fantasy, horror, and science fiction cinema in Spain.

From the Press Release:

Since the closure of the Festival of Imaginarium and Science Fiction Cinema in 1993 (Imagfic), Madrid has been lacking an international film festival focused on the 'fantastic' genre. Being aware of this fact, José Luis Alemán (director of The Valdemar Legacy), Sergio Molina (Paul Naschy's son), and Luis M. Rosales (President/CEO of Scifiworld Entertainment) decided to change that and give Madrid the international film festival that this big European capital deserves.

Since their first meeting in 2010, this trio of fantasy film lovers have made the necessary contacts, and now (with Aleman and Molina as the
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