Gore Verbinski To Direct Graphic Novel Adaptation Pyongyang

Gore Verbinski is easily one of the most versatile directors in Hollywood. While he began his career in 1997 with the screwball comedy Mousehunt, his entire career since has been spent experimenting with different genres, from big action blockbusters (Pirates of the Caribbean) to horror (The Ring) to drama (The Weather Man) to even animation (Rango). Discounting the Pirates sequels, really the only thing that all of Verbinski's movies have in common is the fact that they're directed by the same person. Because of this it's always interesting to hear about a new project that the filmmaker is developing simply because it's always a surprise. And this time is no different. Deadline reports that Verbinski has signed on to direct and produce an upcoming adaptation of the Guy Delisle graphic novel Pyongyang, his first venture into the comic book world. Set to be adapted by Steve Conrad, who worked with the
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