Hot Summer – The DVD Review

Reviewed by Sam Moffitt

In my years as a Movie Geek I have watched a lot of strange stuff. I can well remember the first time I saw Eraserhead, at the Naro theatre at midnight, sometime in 1979, in Norfolk, Virginia, during my Navy years. I recall seeing El Topo and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis in the early 80s. I saw Le Bete, a wonderful mix of art house and horror movie by Walerian Borowczyk in a theatre in Barcelona, Spain, again during my time in the Navy, with a packed house of Spanish, French, English and Dutch (and who knows how many other nationalities) cinema fans who loved the movie so much they gave it a standing ovation. That is one of my fondest movie memories (if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend La Bete, and everything else Borowczyk has done.
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