FEARnet Fan Obsessions: Rad, Rare VHS Collection

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With the popularity of V/H/S and the quick distribution deal for sequel S-v/H/S at Sundance, it seems like the VHS format may be having a bit of a renaissance. Cover art is key to the allure of the VHS tape – clearly no one is buying them for their box-filling bulkiness – and almost everyone of a certain age has a story about falling in love with a VHS box only to take it home and find out the movie inside was even better.

I had two obsessions at the video store: One was Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker, which featured a button on the box that, when pushed, played the line “Wanna date?” over and over. Rabid Grannies, which boasted a picture of two hungry-looking zombie grandmothers and the tagline, “They just love their grandchildren... well done!” was the other. To my thirteen-year-old mind that was the funniest idea ever.
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