Cora Crawley Shouldn’t Forgive Robert For ‘Downton’ Death

Cora Crawley is beyond right to blame her dolt of a husband, Robert, for the unnecessary death of Downton’s most beloved character.

Cora Crawley experienced an earth-shattering tragedy on last night, Jan. 27′s episode of Downton Abbey. Just at a time that should have been full of happiness — her daughter Sybil is expecting a baby and the family’s estate has been saved by Matthew Crawley’s inheritance — there is an unexpected death and Robert is to blame!

Cora’s beautiful “baby,” youngest daughter Sybil, who is just 24, dies minutes after childbirth due to a severe case of eclampsia. Now Cora is in agony experiencing what no parent ever should have to endure- the death of a child.

But what is particularly tearing apart Cora is that Sybil’s death could likely have been prevented.

Why Robert’s To Blame For Sybil’s Tragic Death

And the person most
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