Seven Link Paths

Pop Matters excellent piece about the Oscar snubs - were they just "body blind" this year? 

Pajiba 30 brain bleaching moments from Movie 43 that you can't unsee -- i'm so glad I read a third of this post so that I know that i'll have to avoid this like the plague despite it having so many great stars in it that I've otherwise been a completist about

Daily Mail oh so Jessica Chastain speaks sign language too with adoring fans? Will her wonders never cease? 

In Contention Kathryn Bigelow continues to defend Zero Dark Thirty, this time on the cover of "Time"

Playbill Phantom of the Opera celebrates its 25th birthday Today on Broadway. Will it ever close? That is too long for a show to hog one theater!

Awards Daily the costume designers in the Academy finally get their own branch

Carpetbagger The Weinstein Co would like to pull
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