Commercial Director Nic Mathieu to Direct WB's New 'Robotech' Movie

With Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim stomping into theaters this summer (and a sequel hot on its heels), Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse still on the horizon despite a recent delay, a Gaiking adaptation on the way, and Michael Bay's Transformers 4 coming in 2014, it looks like one of the next big blockbuster trends will be giant robots smashing their way through theaters. THR reports that Warner Bros. has signed commercial director Nic Mathieu to direct Robotech, the long-gestating adaptation of the Japanese anime property that producer Tobey Maguire has been trying to get together since 2007. More below! THR calls the story a "sprawling sci-fi epic" that takes place on Earth after an alien spacecraft has crash landed. Humans have engineered giant robots from the technology, and must use their newfound weaponry to hold off three waves of alien invaders. They're looking to develop this as a franchise starter
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