Is Nick Jonas’ ‘Wedding Bells’ About Miley Cyrus? Watch Him Respond

Nick was recently put on the spot in Mexico, forced to address the song fans believe he wrote about ex-girlfriend Miley’s upcoming nuptials.

Do you love seeing Nick Jonas in extremely awkward situations? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got video of the youngest Jonas brother directly addressing a question about ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus at a recent press conference in Mexico — and his answer might surprise you!

Nick, seated alongside brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas, was fielding questions from the press Jan. 23, when one reporter blindsided the trio with a very personal question:

“Is it true that Nick wrote a song for Miley Cyrus?”

The reporters broke out in laughter, but the boys seemed less amused. Kevin cracked an awkward smile, Joe looked like he wanted to jump out a window, and Nick nervously began to speak:

“We wrote a lot of songs about a lot of people.
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