TV News: Borgias, Dead, Girls, Zombieland

The Borgias

Incest and murder is the order of the day as Cesare and Lucrezia get it on for the first promo for the upcoming third season of Showtime's papal crime saga "The Borgias".

The series is set to return on April 14th.

The Walking Dead

A trailer for the second half of the third season of "The Walking Dead" has gone up, I can't say much because it spoils the episodes in the first half. The series returns February 10th.


Though the announcement is not official as yet, actress Lena Dunham says she's beginning work on a third season of HBO's "Girls" at the end of March. Dunham also says that season three might have twelve episodes instead of ten. [Source: E! Online]


Amazon is now in negotiations with Sony Pictures TV for the potential "Zombieland" half-hour comedy series, discussions that could yield a straight-to-series order. Also, Eli Craig ("Tucker & Dale vs.
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