Fanboy Fix: 'Star Trek' Comic Reveals Surprise Character, 'G.I. Joe' Goes IMAX 3D and Kevin Feige Teases Marvel's 'Phase Two'

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[/link] is now on sale. On the very last page of Countdown to Darkness, a surprising twist to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek mythos is revealed. The four-issue series is designed to serve as a direct prequel to the upcoming movie prior to its May 17 release. Although the events depicted in the series don't guarantee that any plot elements will play out on the big screen, the first book finds the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on a mission to the planet Phaedus. ***Spoiler Alert*** Hoping to learn how an alien race acquired advanced technology, Kirk encounters a man familiar to Trekkies: Captain Robert April. The character says, "My name is Robert April… Former Captain of a ship called...

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