Star Wars Episode VII Won't Feature Artwork From Drew Struzan

Star Wars Episode VII may have gained a director in J.J. Abrams today, but it looks like it's lost any chance of having artwork done by legendary poster artist Drew Struzan. Earlier this week the artist excited millions of Star Wars fans when he said that he had been contacted by Disney about the new trilogy of films. While his quotes made it sound as though he just wanted to be retired and spend time with his family, he did leave the door somewhat ajar by completing his statements by saying, "But, you know, never say never. All things are possible." But now it seems he has shut that door completely. After the story broke and spread wide, Struzan took to his official Facebook page (via Bleeding Cool) where he wrote a post titled "Misunderstood..." I think you know where this is going: A couple of friends at Disney ...
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