Frank Darabont Wants Jon Bernthal For 'Smart' 'Conan'

Frank Darabont and Jon Bernthal define the term "bromance." They worked on "The Walking Dead" together. After Darabont was fired, Berthnal also left the AMC series to work on "L.A. Noir" with him. And now, in a new interview, Darabont admits that he thinks Bernthal would be perfect as the lead in the "Conan the Barbarian" movie he'd like to make.

"I talked to Bernthal about that very thing just a couple of months ago," Darabont told io9. "I would still do a Conan movie! It would be an incredibly smart one. Because he could play what we've missed in Conan today on the screen. He's got some wit and he's got some intelligence. He's a canny, wily, brutal guy. Bernthal could play that, he really could."

That doesn't sound like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would be too happy to hear. People already tried and failed to revive Conan, and instead
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