My Favourite Arnie Movie - Jingle All The Way (1996)

With Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the big screen in The Last Stand, the Flickering Myth writing team look back at their favourite Arnie movies. Next up, Matt Smith with 1996's Christmas epic Jingle All The Way...

A father must stop at nothing in order to get his son the toy he really wants for Christmas. Makes you wonder why he waited until the last minute though... also Sinbad’s in it, which is good because it’s the 90s.

Alternatively, a multi-faceted, bad tempered repeat offender takes five minutes to pay attention to his family who he tries to placate by buying high-in-demand goods. On the way, he strikes out at various strangers violently, is the direct cause of thousands of dollars worth of damage, attempts to escape from a hard working police officer, poses as an undercover agent in order to cover his tracks and misuses highly dangerous and highly experimental space-age technology.
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